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Would contractor accountants swap part of their pay for more holidays?

Would contractor accountants swap part of their pay for more holidays?

Nearly 32% of British workers would sacrifice part of their salary in order to get more holidays, according to a poll by Hyphen.

The multi-sector recruiter surveyed more than 1,000 employees and discovered that 56.3% of HR professionals would contemplate swapping part of their base salary for additional holiday entitlement. In the 16 to 24 age bracket, 41.3% were prepared to sacrifice pay for more holidays, as were 42.6% of finance professionals and accountants for contractors.

Another survey, this time by Reabur, found that 51% would be prepared to lose a day’s salary in order to enjoy a longer weekend.

The HR consultant found that another 14% would sacrifice half a day’s pay so that they could have Friday afternoon off and 4% would lose the half day’s salary for Monday morning off. 6% of respondents went as far as to say they would be willing to lose two day’s pay every week if they could have a four day weekend on a permanent basis.

However, 14% of cost conscious respondents would be happy to see a longer weekend implemented in the UK as long as they did not lose any of their salary. Only 9% of people appear to be happy with the five day working week and another 2% said they were impartial.

Reabur’s co-managing director, Georgina Read, pointed out that a lot of companies for finish early on Fridays but it was unlikely that a late start on Monday would be seen as a viable alternative as employers expect staff to be energised after the weekend break.

She went on say that people who wanted a four day weekend could approach their employer with a flexible working request, but before doing so they should consider the impact that request would have on the business.

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