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Home workers have an increased sense of honesty

Home workers have an increased sense of honesty

A new study by the Ethisphere Institute and Jones Lang LaSalle has discovered that businesses that allow staff to work from home will benefit from increased employee honesty.

The two companies researched more than 200 firms, including contractor accountants, and 68% of them said they did allow employees to work remotely. When it comes to breaking rules, 11% of home workers were found to have been guilty, but this rose to 36% of office-based employees.

Mark Ohringer, the executive VP of Jones Lang LaSalle, said it’s easy to see why home based workers do not get embroiled in some of the distractions that cause trouble in the workplace.

It has been suggested that the responsibility that comes with working from home leads many people to become more security conscious and maintain a higher standard of honesty and discretion.

The CIPD’s employee relations adviser, Mike Emmott, recently said that working from home can bring many benefits to firms and provide them with a competitive edge.

However, XpertHR has warned that small businesses that let employees work from home must still take heed of their health and safety obligations.

Bar Huberman, the employment law editor for XpertHR, explained that it was a myth that companies are not responsible for the health and safety of their home-based employees. People working from home have nearly the same protection by law as those who work in an employers’ premises. Employers still need to ensure that the home workplace complies with health and safety regulations.

Huberman made her comments after it was disclosed that tens of thousands of workers in London will work from home when the Olympics are in progress to avoid congesting the transport network.

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