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Did you dream of being a footballer rather than a contractor accountant?

Did you dream of being a footballer rather than a contractor accountant?

Are many accountants for contractors regretting their career choice?

A lot of employees now wish they had pursued their childhood dreams rather than take up the career they did, according to a recent survey carried out by

The poll found that 42% of the over 30s wished they had followed their childhood ambitions. A lot of these aspirations were traditional but ambitious careers, such as becoming a medical professional, a sports person or going into acting.

Actual careers were found to contrast sharply with these early dreams. 10% of respondents said they work in IT and the same percentage work in education. A further 9% said they were employed in an administrative role.

47% of people in their 40s said they wished they had followed their dreams, whilst only 31% of the over 60s felt that way. Men appear to be slightly more dissatisfied than women – 44% compared to 40%.

Michael Gentle, a spokesman for Monster UK & Ireland, said it’s perfectly normal to look back and think about might have been but people should take stock of whether they are simply feeling nostalgic or genuinely unhappy with their current position.

Today’s workers and limited company contractors have considered what jobs they would like to pursue now and 14% said they’d like a role in the arts or entertainment industry and 12% said they would opt for broadcasting, film and music.

Gentle went on to say that it may be too late to become a doctor or a professional footballer, but it’s never too late to move into a different role or industry. Whilst a job used to be for life, that idea no longer exists and many people work in a variety of fields during the course of their career.

Another survey, this time by the CMI, discovered that 42% of employees have not progressed as far in their career as they would have liked. 22% think their company has not been able to afford to give them a pay-rise or promotion in the last 12 months. A further 19% admit they either lack experience or the right qualifications to progress.

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