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Civil Service wastes millions on ineffectual training

Civil Service wastes millions on ineffectual training

The National Audit Office recently published a report stating that £275 million worth of taxpayers’ money was wasted by the Civil Service last year on ineffectual training courses.

The NAO estimates that hundreds of millions of pounds are wasted every year as the Civil Service puts employees on expensive courses that don’t work. Less than 50% of the public sector employees questioned thought that the training they had received in the last year helped them do their work better.

Kevin Beales, the MD of the North-East based Test Factory, said these figures were probably just the tip of the iceberg of a UK culture of poor staff development. Organisations in both sectors know they need to offer staff regular opportunities for personal development if they are to get the best out of them, but they give little thought to what the needs of their staff actually are.

In order to provide suitable training, employers, including accountants for contractors, should analyse staff training needs so that they can make an informed decision on appropriate training. Employees should also be given the opportunity to identify areas where they feel they could improve leading to personalised training plans to aid their development.

Research from the CIPD suggests that workplace coaching drive business success and helps employers manage change effectively. Dr John McGurk, said companies should ne maximising the value they get from their employees and this can be best achieved by aligning coaching to business objectives.

The CIPD’s adviser for learning and talent went on to explain that about 80% of UK businesses use coaching to improve staff performance levels and maximise their employees’ potential.

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