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Disqualification orders against directors continue to rise

Disqualification orders against directors continue to rise

Reynolds Porter Chamberlain LLP, the city law firm, has reported that 1,437 disqualification orders were placed on directors of companies, including the clients of contractor accountants, that had gone into insolvency last year, a 4 % increase on the number imposed in 2009.

Five years ago there were only 1,173 disqualification orders but since then 6,422 directors have found themselves disqualified. A disqualification order forbids a director of an insolvent company becoming a director or creating or promoting a limited company for anything up to 15 years.

Company insolvencies reached a peak in the third quarter of 2009 when the UK was in the middle of the economic downturn.

Jonathan Davies, a partner at RPC, commented on the results saying that a disqualification order can be career threatening for a director as the director is unable to set up or participate in the creation of a new business for such a long time.

Administrators and liquidators look to blame somebody when a company goes insolvent and company directors have felt the brunt. There was a substantial increase in insolvencies during the economic crisis and as a direct result we have witnessed this increase in disqualification orders.

The law firm also pointed out that the government has clamped down on corporate governance issues since the start of the recession and company directors should protect themselves by obtaining Directors & Officers insurance. A lot of small firms and limited company contractors forego this cover and end up paying enormous legal costs if their company is investigated.

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