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Should contractor accountants warn about late filing penalties?

Should contractor accountants warn about late filing penalties?

ICAS has warned that as many as a million taxpayers could face penalties for late filing of tax returns and claims HMRC has not taken enough measures to notify the public of the changes.

As from the end of this October, anybody who files their paper self-assessment form late, even if it’s only by one day, will receive an instant fine of £100. After three months, the fine will increase by £10 for every day overdue. Even larger fines will be levied if filing is six months late.

It may be time for accountants for contractors to be at the forefront of reminding people!

The same rules will apply to people who file online as from January 31st 2012. ICAS has calculated that an online return due for filing at the end of next January, but held back until August 5 2012, would attract at least £1,300 in fines.

Since self-assessment began in 1997, almost one million people file their return late each year and many of them delay by more than 12 months. Until now, HMRC could not charge a penalty as long as the taxpayer paid all the monies owing.

ICAS’ director of tax, Derek Allen, said he was concerned that the majority of people are not aware of the new penalty regime as it has not been widely publicised.

The Scottish Institute also warns that some people could miss out on tax rebates. Self-employed people in the construction industry often have their tax deducted by the contractor initially and repayments are calculated after they have lodged their return. However, if they file late, the repayment is likely to be a lot less than the fine.

Small businesses and limited company contractors are also becoming increasingly tardy in filing their year end accounts with Companies House. The executive agency recently reported that 12,739 businesses were fined for late filing last month; up from 12,154 in May.

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