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Women still suffer a gender gap in the workplace

Women still suffer a gender gap in the workplace

Despite the government’s attempts to promote gender equality in the workplace, one in six UK employees still think men and women are treated differently.

IFF Research surveyed 460 employees for its annual Attitudes to Work study and discovered that 12% think the bias is in favour of males whilst 5% believe females receive better treatment.

However, 15% of the females surveyed think men receive better treatment than they do in the workplace and only 1% said they were treated better. 9% of men believe that they are victims of sexual discrimination at work, whilst 10% say they come out better than women.

Jan Shury, the joint MD at IFF Research, said there is a stark gender divide among employees who believe discrimination exists. She went on to explain that the survey also showed that men are perceived to have an advantage when it comes to salary and promotion, whereas women are thought to get better treatment at a personal level.

Earlier this month, UN Women published a report entitled ‘Progress of the World’s Women 2011-2012: In Pursuit of Justice’, which showed that nearly every nation has an increasing number of professionally successful women.

173 countries now have legislation to provide for paid maternity leave and 117 have rules governing equal pay. Some countries have introduced quotas favouring women and these have led to a high level of women holding top political and business roles.

However, women still have to face significant barriers before they can become economic equals. The proportion of adult females in full-time employment has not changed since 1991, remaining at 53% and there is still a global gender pay gap.

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