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Could a new bank be the small business saviour?

Could a new bank be the small business saviour?

Contractor accountants may be interested to learn that Vince Cable, the business secretary, has once again called on the UK’s high street banks to increase lending to small businesses.

Under the terms of the recently signed Project Merlin agreement, the UK’s major banks must lend £19 billion to small businesses each quarter. However, in the last three monthly period, only £16.8 billion was lent to small firms and this led to Cable saying the banks must put more effort into small business lending.

He went on to say that if the banks don’t stick to their agreement, the government may rescind its promise and change its tax regime, which currently favours the banking sector.

Small businesses who fail to get loans from the major banks may want to consider approaching the Metro Bank.

The newest high street banking player said that business banking managers are available to 43% of larger organisations, but only 16% of micro SMEs. The bank also points out that 29% of larger firms are likely to be accepted for a loan compared to just 2% of micro firms.

The managing director of business and commercial banking at Metro Bank, Mark Price, said it was clear that the banks are letting down small businesses. He went on to stress that all businesses, irrespective of size, are welcomed at Metro Bank.

Price also explained that the Bank focuses on local community based banking which means lending decisions are made by local managers who understand the relationship individual businesses have with the Bank.

Metro Bank recently opened its eighth branch and within the next ten years it hopes to have more than 200 branches in Greater London.

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