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One day, sanity will prevail. But I suspect I’ll have retired by then.

One day, sanity will prevail. But I suspect I’ll have retired by then.

An interesting idea was floated this week on one of the websites I haunt. Someone was getting just a little exasperated at the identity proving process we all suffer these days, and rather than drive 50 miles to an agency’s offices to show them his passport was wondering if having a Skype video conference with the agent while holding his passport would suffice.

General response was along the lines of nice idea, but these are agencies we’re dealing with so probably not. It’s not that we have any objections to proving we are who we say we are; it is to everyone’s benefit, after all. But the whole thing is getting just a little surreal.

Start with the passport thing. What everyone fails to remember is that a passport is only proof of identity if you are the one holding it. Copies, be they full colour images, redacted black and white scans, video image, even with you in the frame – none of these are proof of anything beyond your skills with a digital camera. You have to be there, holding it, at which point the other guy can take a copy of the photo page – nothing else just that page – for their own records.

And there’s another issue. The more peripatetic contractors – like me, for instance – go through this farce several times a year. Just how safe are all these copies of a Crown documents, I wonder? And how many of them are deleted once they are no longer needed?

And given the quality of most of my communications from agencies, just how accurate are the supporting records anyway? We will never know…

The real irritation, though, is that the whole exercise is totally unnecessary. And, as usual, we have to look to those bastions of professionalism and awareness, the agencies and the Human Remains Resources teams.

Because HR are usually in the loop for hiring contractors, they only think of them as pseudo-employees. OK, that’s an old argument that bores even me, but it’s still true. Therefore the master contract the agency has with the end client’s HR team is framed in terms of employment law. This, among other things, lays fearful penalties on clients who don’t ID check their employees.

Agencies, being at the higher end of the risk averseness scale, take great care not to offend. Hence they go to great lengths to ensure everyone they touch is checked. Except I am not an employee of anyone, I am an independent supplier. I’ve checked the people I send out to work for me and am more than willing to assert that I know who they are and that they are allowed to be here. And take any penalties you care to throw at me if I’m wrong. And since I’m not the agency’s employee – much as they like to pretend we are – and certainly not the client’s, there is no legal obligation to ID check me all over again.

All that has to happen is for agencies to have two contracts with their clients: one for employees, one for freelancers. Do that and not only do a lot of contractual arguments go away – along with 90% of the threat of IR35 and the AWR of course – but they save themselves hundreds of pointless man hours a year which, you might think, would appeal to the bean counters who run most agencies these days.

But far too simple a solution will never catch on. Especially if nobody triers to sell it.

And just to close, how about this for idiocy. One guy was asked for his NI number as well as his passport and “other documentary proof of address” to get a building pass. NI numbers aren’t a proof of anything, as the Home Office is at pains to point out. For one thing, while the numbers are unique they may have been given to, or used by, more than one person. So not really a lot of good to anyone as a proof of anything.

One day, sanity will prevail. I suspect I’ll have retired by then.

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Alan has worked in IT for most of the last 35 years, and first went freelance in 1996. He has been a PCG member from its start and has been spreading the message that freelancing is a professional career choice for many years. Alan also runs Malvolio’s Blog, a personal but highly informative take on the life of the modern freelance.

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