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Is your 40 year old finance manager a typical fraudster?

Is your 40 year old finance manager a typical fraudster?

Recent research by KPMG discovered that the typical white collar fraud is carried out by senior male finance staff, and that it takes longer to detect.

KPMG based its findings on 348 real fraud investigations, across 69 countries, conducted by its member firms.

Most likely to participate in fraud are men in the 36 to 45 age group holding senior management roles in finance. This group accounted for 41% of cases, whilst the number of frauds committed by members of the board has increased to 18% from 11% in 2007.

90% of frauds are targeted against the perpetrator’s employer and 33% of the fraudsters will have been at the company for longer than 10 years. 61% work in collusion with another fraudster, almost double the 32% of collaborators in 2007.

The main motive for fraud is personal gain, followed by pressures to meet budget and profit targets. The survey also noted that 74% of fraud cases exploited weak internal controls.

The head of KPMG’s investigations network in Europe, Middle East and Africa, Richard Powell, said that a lot of the frauds he has investigated in the last few years have been detected via whistle blowing reports. Very few are discovered by management or auditors.

In 2007, it took an average 2.9 years to detect a fraud, now it takes 3.4 years. Companies also fail to act when they see warning signs, the report said. In 2011, 56% of cases were preceded by a red flag, compared to 45% in 2007. Only 6% of these red flag cases are acted upon immediately, compared to almost one in four of the 2007 cases.

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