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Do corporate conferences boost employee morale?

Do corporate conferences boost employee morale?

There’s been a lot in the news recently about the high lack of morale amongst employees working in the private sector but one leading industry body believes it has come up with a solution to the problem.

The Forum of Private Business advises organisations to hold corporate conferences as these will not only boost employee morale, but also increase product sales in the long run.

FPB spokesman, Phil McCabe, said you should never underestimate the value of team building exercises and other activities that bring employees and management together. However, for small enterprises this can be a difficult proposition due to a lack of space and resources to hold such conferences.

As with everything, it pays to shop around, he advises. There are several conference providers who will let organisations hold these events without needing to go into the red. McCabe said group functions are vitally important in small organisations because individual employees play essential roles in the company’s future.

Recent surveys have discovered that around 50% of the UK workforce feels undervalued at work. For a large proportion of these employees, the stress associated with increased workloads is to blame. They believe their employers have no interest in their health and wellbeing until they are off sick. Many say they would like to receive benefits such as gym membership and several are prepared to change jobs in order to get a better benefits packages.

It’s time employers sat up and took notice of their employees‘ wellbeing and organising corporate conferences could well be one solution.

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