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Are you in search of your next contract….whilst on contract?

Are you in search of your next contract….whilst on contract?

Employers may not be too pleased to learn that 14 million working hours per week are currently being lost due to employees and contractors looking for other jobs whilst at work.

Monster recently surveyed more than 2,000 jobseekers, all of whom currently have a job, and discovered that 28% of them spend more than three hours of working time every week looking for another position. 16% spend more than five hours and 7% spend in excess of ten hours a week job hunting.

If these figures were indicative of the UK workforce as a whole, employers would be losing more than £250 million each week due to these job hunting activities.

Employees and contractors are not only surfing the net looking for jobs. 60% admit to doing online job searches, but 50% also update their CV at work, 49% actually apply for new positions and nearly 25% conduct telephone interviews from office phones.

However, 40% of employees think their boss knows what they’re doing and 12% have been caught, either by their boss or one of their colleagues. 2% of the survey’s respondents had been fired for their job hunting at work activities.

Doctor’s appointments are the most common excuse used when it comes to attending interviews. Strangely enough sickness and domestic emergencies come lower down the excuse list than pet emergencies and needing to be at home to receive a delivery.

Monster spokeswoman, Isabelle Ratinaud, said that job hunting is time consuming and the survey’s results show just how desperate some people are to move. However, although it may be tempting to job hunt during your employer’s time, this could affect references and result in disciplinary action and dismissal.

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