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Is PAYE weighing contractor accountants down?

Is PAYE weighing contractor accountants down?

A recent survey by Inuit shows that 69% of small businesses are put off recruiting new staff because of the burden of PAYE.

The software provider discovered that nearly 50% of employers did not realise that their end of year returns had to be filed by the 19th of May and 28% said they did not expect to meet the deadline.

Mark Linton, the founder of The Business Growth Show, said one of the major challenges facing small business owners is not the actual process of recruiting new staff, but what to do once they’re onboard.

PAYE for small businesses is a nightmare. “How do I pay staff?”, “Is government legislation getting in the way?” And “am I doing it right?” are all questions that worry small business owners, he explained.

In previous years, there was a seven-day grace period for people who missed the deadline but now that year-end returns have to be filed online, this has been removed. Employers who did not submit on time face a penalty charge of £100 per 50 employees for every month, or part month, that the return is overdue.

SMEs are also worried about the compliance checks HMRC is about to implement. Penalties of up to £3,000 could be imposed on businesses that have not kept accurate employee records.

Meanwhile, another survey, this time from the Clydesdale and Yorkshire banking group, has found that 10% of small business owners have been late making VAT payments and 19% have missed out on grants or tax breaks.

Whilst 15% of small business owners are bamboozled by new regulations, 16% said they did not know who to turn to for advice on business legislation. Gary Lumby from the banks said it was a matter of concern that SMEs did not know how to get help and the banks hope to remedy that situation for their clients.

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