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Contractor accountants should prepare for corporation tax changes

Contractor accountants should prepare for corporation tax changes

Accountants should be aware that the end of the present tax year is fast approaching and HMRC has reminded the UK small business community that changes to corporation tax are imminent.

As from the start of the new tax year, corporation tax filing and payments will need to be made electronically. Furthermore, all company tax returns for accounting periods that ended after March 2010 will also have to be filed in XBRL or iXBRL format.

Payment of corporation tax will have to be made by Direct Debit, credit or debit card, using either bank transfer or the BillPay service.

An HMRC spokesperson explained that these changes will affect associations, charities, clubs, co-operatives and societies as well as any limited company. Firms will be able to use commercially available software to file or the department’s own CT software aimed at firms with less complex taxation affairs, the Revenue added.

As from April next year, firms will also have to submit their VAT returns online.

Meanwhile, the Institute of Directors is calling on the government to reduce corporation tax until it reaches 15% in 2020. People are starting to think of the UK as a high-tax economy and that will not encourage foreign companies to invest here.

The IoD wants the UK to have the lowest rate of corporation tax throughout the world. It has estimated that this could be achieved at a cost of £9 billion a year, a figure which could be achieved by continuing restraint on public sector growth.

By reducing corporation tax to just 15%, the UK would be sending out the strong message that it is open for business.

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