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The three headed dog from hell or a huge step in the right direction?

The three headed dog from hell or a huge step in the right direction?

I don’t know if anyone’s noticed, but there’s a bit of a revolution going on this weekend. Something I’ve been banging on about since early 2003 is facing a big and, to my eyes, rather significant change. And I bet 90% of the people it affects don’t even know about it.

It’s called Cerberus. OK, that’s a three headed dog from hell to some, but to others it’s a huge step change.

Cerberus is primarily a Case Management System to look after the security clearance of anyone who holds it or are put up for clearance in order to get work in any of the myriad HMG-sponsored roles that demand it. It’s aim is to simplify and standardise what is currently a fairly creaky and almost totally paper-based system.

I’ve spoken before (at great length, some may say…) about the Catch-22 of no clearance means no job but you can’t have the clearance without the job. This is especially true of contractors, who have to be able to take up new roles on fairly short order; permanent staff are usually (but not always) in a position to stay with the old job or otherwise sit around until they are allowed to start the new one. So contractors like me are the real victims of this situation to the extent that I was not allowed to apply for a role a while back to implement a system I’d designed while I was cleared, since my clearance had lapsed in the interim.

The reason for this is the blind insistence from many agencies and more than a few prime contractors is that clearance takes forever to come through and without it you can’t work. And since the rules are that you can apply for clearance without a sponsor, the net effect is the aforementioned Catch-22, and the jobs on offer go to the same old circle of those inside the fence.

But this is wrong on several counts.

Firstly the main clearance agencies have been working to get their existing systems much more efficient. DVA, who look after the MOD, routinely clear 95% of SC clearances in less than 30 days and can fast track them in as little as 10. Again using me as the example, I was cleared by one of the constabularies to the same level in two weeks flat. So time is not really an issue.

Secondly you don’t need clearance to start the job, most of the time. The basic level of BPSS is not a million miles away from the kind of ID and residency checks we are routinely asked to do for any role. BPSS allows you to access material marked up to “Restricted”, which is around 90% of it. There are a very few exceptions, where informed supervision can’t be given, and until your full clearance comes through you will have to be collected from the front gate and taken back to it, but that’s hardly a major barrier to overcome.

And finally if you only ever take your workers from the same limited gene pool, how are you ever going to improve? Hoe many projects have failed because of the lack of up-to-date skills and practices I wonder.

Cerberus will bring all the clearance records into a single database, supported by on-line e-forms to replace the paperwork. All the various clearance agencies will have access to it, led by DVA and the Home Office equivalent, which makes everything far more traceable and, more importantly, transferable (my police clearance is not accepted by DVA, even though the police checks are actually slightly more rigorous. Go figure…)

So a big step forward. The target is to get SC clearance down to 15 days and CTC to less than a week. Let’s just hope the agencies notice…

About the author: Alan Watts

Alan has worked in IT for most of the last 35 years, and first went freelance in 1996. He has been a PCG member from its start and has been spreading the message that freelancing is a professional career choice for many years. Alan also runs Malvolio’s Blog, a personal but highly informative take on the life of the modern freelance.

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