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Time to make banking faster?

Time to make banking faster?

For the last couple of years, SMEs and contractor accountants have had difficulties accessing finance and the problem still isn’t going away, says Ed Moss from the Manufacturing Institute.

Despite the banks assuring us that they are open for business and ready to help, people still don’t trust them.

Could that situation be about to change? The European Commission recently announced the introduction of a European Union Small Business Act. Included in the policies is an action plan intended to improve access to finance for SMEs’, help them enter the venture capital markets and raise awareness of SMEs potential amongst investors.

One measure that might help small business cash flow is the requirement for public sector organisations to settle their debts within 30 days. The public sector has been criticised for a long time for its tardiness in paying suppliers; many of whom are small enterprises who have been struggling to keep afloat since the start of the recession.

Ed Moss also pointed out that banks could help SMEs if they speed up the cheque clearing system. If you pay a cheque into the bank on Monday, you have to wait until Thursday before it clears. In Sweden and Greece, you pay the cheque in at 10:00 and it’s cleared by 12:00 the same day or the bank is fined.

Moss made his comments after the FPB revealed that over 200 entrepreneurs are supporting the Get Britain Trading campaign designed to promote the contribution small enterprises make to the country’s economy.

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