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Plea to delay compulsory online filing as solutions aren’t ready

Plea to delay compulsory online filing as solutions aren’t ready

The CIoT and the other main professional accountancy and tax bodies have sent a letter to the Exchequer Secretary asking the government to reconsider the timing of compulsory iXBRL online filing. However, it seems unlikely that HRMC will bow to the request.

The ACCA last week flagged up the lack of software capable of handling iXBRL. Chas Roy-Chowdhury, head of tax at ACCA, said they had been trying to negotiate a deferral with HMRC for some time but the furthest they’ve got is a promise of a light touch on compliance when the system is first implemented.

Accounting software provider Sage has admitted that its new iXBRL product will not be ready in time for the corporation tax filing deadline of April 1st. The company says it will have an interim product available, but the release of the full version will be delayed. CCH has not yet delivered its integrated package but has indicated it will be ready in time.

It will be possible for people using Sage accounts production software to file UK GAAP and IFRS tax returns. They will receive a temporary product, ONESOURCE, from Thomson Reuters, which includes the minimum requirements for iXBRL filing.

Contractor accountants will be able to compile tax returns as usual within Sage software and then transfer the data into ONESOURCE. The majority of this process is automated but some IT experts believe this could add a lot of extra time onto the filing process.

In addition to understanding the mechanics of iXBRL, accountants using Sage now need to learn how to transfer data into ONESOURCE and there’s just 3 months left to do it. They will then need to learn Sage’s iXBRL product when it is released later this year.

Will this workaround cause accountants to lose faith in Sage and switch to another software provider? Only time will tell…

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