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Would contractor accountants recommend their employer others?

Would contractor accountants recommend their employer others?

A fair proportion of UK workers are not happy, according to the latest research from Badenoch & Clark.

The recruitment consultancy discovered that 22.8% of employees are unhappy in their job and 27% would not recommend their employer to others. A further 21.9% go to work simply out of routine, whilst the motivation to go to work for 10.3% is spiralling debt.

Unhappiness is highest amongst lawyers and finance professionals, such as contractor accountants. 27% of lawyers said they would be highly unlikely to recommend their firm to others looking for a position.

Badenoch & Clark has been tracking happiness since 2007. This time last year its research showed that 78% of employees in the UK reported high levels of happiness.

The survey results come at the same time as the news that David Cameron wishes to create a ‘happiness index’ measuring the wellbeing of UK employees. The aim being to prove that money isn’t everything and shift the focus away from GBP and onto GWB (General Well Being).

Meanwhile, small business owners are being urged to communicate with their employees and offer them reassurance as pay freezes continue.

Figures recently published by the ONS showed that growth in average annual earnings remained at 2.1% in November. This led to Diana Bruce, from the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals, saying it was imperative for employers to tell their employees why a pay freeze still exists. This becomes even more important as the VAT increase has already affected personal spending and National Insurance contributions will increase in April. Employees who are motivated to work solely for the money will become increasingly disillusioned if salary freeze explanations are not forthcoming.

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