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Lack of new opportunities for middle aged Britons in 2010

Lack of new opportunities for middle aged Britons in 2010

There are nearly 11 million workers aged between 35 and 49 in the UK and yet they have missed out on the 350,000 new job opportunities created in 2010.

There are now 2.9% fewer Britons in this age bracket who are in work compared to the start of the credit crisis in the spring of 2008, according to recently published figures from the CIPD.

Dr John Philpott, who authored the report, said it was unclear why this group has been bypassed and it could simply be that they have received less support from the people who make the policies. However, this demographic group still has reasonably high employment rates and therefore is not a cause for social concern. Another possibility is that this middle age group is at the pinnacle of their career earnings and therefore employers may find their salary expectations less appealing than workers who expect less salary.

The Work Audit from the CIPD also found that, out of the 350,000 new jobs created between quarter one and quarter three, 63% went to employees, 30% were created by the self-employed and freelancers, 6% were accounted for by unpaid workers in family businesses and 1% by government job schemes.

However, 95% of those additional workers in employment are working in part-time roles and around 33% of roles are on a temporary basis only. Permanent full-time jobs for employees have not experienced a recovery this year. Women have not really benefited from the additional jobs as 289,000 of all the newly created jobs went to men! This could be because more women than men work in the public sector and it increased in size slightly during the recession whilst the private sector was making redundancies.

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