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Online accountants benefit from trading through the Internet

Online accountants benefit from trading through the Internet

The Internet now contributes 7.2% to the UK’s total GDP, according to research from the Boston Consulting Group. The report also shows that 250,000 people, including contractors, are employed in the sector.

About 60% of the £100 billion generated by the Internet is driven by consumption. This includes online shopping and the cost of the connections and devices needed to get on the net. The other 40% comes from government IT spending, investment in internet infrastructure and net exports.

It is expected that the Internet industry will continue to grow at an annual rate of 10% over the coming five years, meaning that by 2015, it will be contributing 10% GDP.

Women find the online world to be a safe, convenient channel when it comes to promoting their business. Ecademy, the UK’s first business social network, says 46% of its users are women and they actively promote their business through the site.

Companies that have still not invested in social media might be interested to learn that it has been heralded as the perfect environment when it comes to engaging with customers. ComScore, the technology analysis firm says that social networks inject life into online activity and even the recession has not affected the social network industry.

88% of the online population in the UK now spend time on social networks and/or blogs and these activities account for 20% of the total time spent by Brits online. In light of these figures, it’s easy to see why certain companies take advantage of the opportunities offered by social networks to promote their products and services.

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