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NAO report Engaging with Tax Agents provokes disapproval

NAO report Engaging with Tax Agents provokes disapproval

The Chartered Institute of Taxation responded last week to the National Audit Office’s report ‘Engaging with Tax Agents’.

The report sets out ways the Revenue can work with tax agents to overhaul the tax system. Anthony Thomas, the deputy president of the CIoT, said the paper was helpful but believes the NAO could have missed a golden opportunity.

One recommendation that does meet with approval is that HMRC could reduce costs if it let agents do more self-service on-line. This would reduce the inevitable delays that always occur when using the postal system.

However, Mr Thomas pointed out that the report did not contain an analysis of who is making over-declarations of tax, and why the errors are happening. The CIoT has been working with the Revenue for several years on just these issues and he feels the report should have reflected this. The paper also relies on data that is 5 years old and does not deal with the error rate within HMRC.

The CIoT is pleased that the report acknowledges the work of tax agents and says that without them the level of tax under-declarations would probably be a lot higher. At the end of the day, tax agents save the government money by assisting clients with their tax returns and doing tasks that would otherwise need to be done by the Revenue.

Meanwhile, tax agents are angry that although their work is acknowledged in the report, it also claims that people are more likely to under-declare their taxes if they receive advice from an agent.

The NAO claimed that 37% of self-assessment tax returns from people who consulted tax advisers had under-declared liabilities compared to just over 1 in 4 of the returns filed by taxpayers on their own.

The NAO report concluded that if the average amount of under-declared tax was reduced by 3%, the government would benefit by an additional £100m each year.

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