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Will workplace parking levy affect contractor accountants?

Will workplace parking levy affect contractor accountants?

The Forum of Private Businesses is opposed to the plans of a number of councils to introduce a tax on companies that provide parking for employees.

A workplace parking levy was given the go-ahead in Nottingham last year and at that time the FPB expressed concerns that this scheme would be introduced by other towns. It seems that this will now become a reality. A spokesman for the FPB, Chris Gorman, says the WPL is a stealth tax which small businesses and contractor accountants will struggle to pay.

If an employer has more than 10 staff parking spaces they will face an annual charge of up to £250 for each space and this could increase to £350 in two years. Companies have the option of whether or not to pass the charge to the employees.

The labour government introduced the scheme a year ago but it was hoped that the coalition would abandon it. However, councils such as Bristol, Leeds and York are now actively giving it consideration. In London, Cambridge, Milton Keynes and Oxford councils are examining the idea.

The workplace parking levy is meant to discourage motorists from driving into towns and encourage them to make use of public transport to ease city centre congestion but opponents of the scheme fear councils will simply use it as an alternative revenue making measure in the face of the government’s austerity drive.

It is thought that the WPL will be both easier and cheaper to collect than city congestion charges as it will not affect shoppers and motorists who are not driving into cities for work.

Nottingham council is still hoping to push ahead with its planned scheme, after a five day public examination which will start on October 1st, and if approved it will come into force later this year at a rate of £185 per employee parking space.

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