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Credit managers predict a rise in insolvencies

Credit managers are expecting to see a rise in business insolvencies [1] of over 10% within the next year.

Graydon UK, a commercial credit reference agency, conducted a survey which showed that 64% of credit professionals are expecting to see business failure rates in excess of 10%, and 13% of those are predicting insolvencies to exceed 20%.

Despite the prospect of increased company failures, just under 50% of the credit managers surveyed agreed that a rise in insolvencies is a price worth paying if the result leads to the future economic stability [2] of the UK.

The MD of Graydon UK, Martin Williams, said that despite warnings from credit professionals, only a third of businesses are monitoring their clients’ public sector [3] exposure.

The entire supply chain could be affected if a key customer or supplier, who relies heavily on government contracts, goes insolvent. HMRC [4] has also been turning down requests under the Time to Pay scheme and 79% of credit managers say this will contribute to the rise in insolvencies.

A lot of businesses are struggling to settle other obligations and if they were expecting to defer tax liabilities [5] they could well find themselves in serious difficulties.

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