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At last…

At last…

After 10 years of beating our collective heads against a brick wall, there is a clear commitment from the Government to do something positive about IR35. Right there. In the full manifesto. In actual black and white. Forgive me while I indulge in a loud cheer and a large whisky.

Of course, we don’t actually know the details, such as when. Also, a lot of the tax plans are based around the Lib Dems’ ideas, which include worryingly non-specific threats to address avoidance. Sure you don’t mean tax evasion, chaps, I mean that’s the illegal one, isn’t it? Whereas avoidance is not only legal, but was actually condoned in the House of Commons back in the 20s.

On the other hand, of course, the Conservative side of the side of the House (if you see what I mean) are talking loudly and clearly about helping small businesses. Let’s just hope the two cancel each other out and we get some sense.

To be fair, I like what I’m hearing from the new Government. There is a clear sense that they want to unwind a lot of the major stupidities of the last 13 years (and let’s face it, there are plenty to choose from!), so I’m mildly hopeful. Even if IR35 itself isn’t deleted but wrapped up in a sensible set of criteria that we can all understand, that I could live with.

On the other hand, the Public Sector looks to be in for a hammering, (although the commercial job market seems to be taking off big time), with talk of serious budget cuts across the board. I’m taking a close interest in all this of course, mainly because the current contract is about to stop and I need to be looking for gainful employment again. I have actually had a positive response but, as is the way of such things, that was a week ago and it’s all gone quiet again. Also it’s hard to job hunt when you’re working. The basic approach is to find the role, rearrange the CV to highlight the relevant bits of your vast experience so the agency will see that you can do the job, mail it in, wait about ten minutes then phone them up and do the sales pitch – if you can catch them, of course, which isn’t always possible. Usually isn’t, in fact…

Except you can’t really do all that three times a day sat at your desk in an open plan office. Especially when you’re the boss. Hence I’ll be taking a week off soon and hitting the phones in anger.

Know anyone wants some Services Delivering?

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