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Brave new world…

Brave new world…

When I wrote my piece last week, I was saying I was suffering a little from having to write it before the election result was known. I didn’t think that I would still be waiting when I started putting this week’s one together…

Anyway, it is all settled for now, and it looks like we really are in for some interesting times. Clearly the next budget will not be pleasant for anyone; certainly some of my contacts in the Public Sector are seriously worried about what the future is going to bring. Although if the markets react positively then things should start to move and there may be more work around for everyone

On the other hand, if they change the tax thresholds – something I actually think is a damned good idea – then a lot of contractors are going to have to rethink their payroll policies a bit. Also if the new government deliver their promised Office of Tax Simplification and put IR35 at the head of the list, then we will have something to celebrate.

Elsewhere there was a far more interesting story on the news this morning. A hospital in Nottingham has switched its food supplier to a consortium of local farms, saving themselves several millions a year but cutting out the retail supply layer and many thousands of food miles. The farmers are also delighted; as one said, until recently he was looking at closing down, now he’s making a profit.

Now that’s something the whole of government needs to take notice of. A few years back I proposed the creation of virtual consultancies, who pick up parcels of work that are normally handed out to the big consultancies (who are usually using contractors to do the real work anyway…). The Nottingham hospital is precisely that – ok, using food instead of code, but you know what I mean – then we are truly in a brave new world.

By the way, what do we call the new government? The BBC is sticking with “the Liberaldemocratconservativecoalition”, which is less than snappy. “ConDem” doesn’t sound quite right either.

But one anagram of Lib Dem Tory is “Bye, Mild Rot”, which sounds fairly appropriate…

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