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Fingers crossed…

Fingers crossed…

Now here’s a problem. I try to write about things that have happened during the week that might affect us freelancers. Usually I manage to find something worthy of comment, but this week it’s going to be a bit tricky.

It’s because the Election is on a Thursday that I have a slight problem. I normally write these words of wisdom on a Thursday, you see, which means that as I sit here with voting still going on, it’s a bit tricky to find something to talk about that will still be relevant on Friday morning.

There’s not been a lot of news either, if you discount Nigel Farage’s plane crash or the Labour candidate in Bootle losing the end of a finger when bitten by a dog (which all goes to prove everyone’s a critic). There have been some interesting surveys around. One of these shows that over 50% of contractors would vote Conservative. So perhaps there are a lot of people that agree with my views on why I hate this Government.

So I’ll wait a little longer until the exit polls are published and see what they think will happen. In 2005 they were spot on in predicting the result. Then again, the previous four were miles away from the reality. I’ll return to that point a little later

Meanwhile I’ve started hunting the next contract. Tricky operation, with limited internet access at work (I use my own mobile internet link, but we’re in a bit of a black hole where I work) and obviously I can’t keep calling agencies up from there either. Not that agents ever seem to answer the phone these days, it’s a constant litany of “He’s away from his desk” and answer phones. Actually they are well named, answer phones, since that’s all they do. If only someone would invent a Call-you-back-right-away phone, we might get somewhere.

So, the initial exit poll is in. Have to say it’s a bit inconclusive; a swing away from Labour (or, more likely, away from Gordon) but showing the Lib Dems’ share going down, which seems a bit unlikely. And all of a sudden they’re talking about voting reform rather than economic recovery. Good to know the politicians understand what’s really important…

Anyway, no real decisive conclusion. So let’s wait until a few real counts are declared and see what that tells us…

Hmmmm… interesting. Two declared, both safe Labour seats. Both big swings to the Tories. Perhaps IR35 is doomed after all? Fingers crossed!

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Image: Crossing my fingers… by Erica_Marshall

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