Why I dislike this government quite so much…

Why I dislike this government quite so much…

So our Beloved Leader has finally allowed us an election. Good news on several fronts. I make no secret of my desire to see the end of the current Parliament in general and our sitting PM in particular. But before we all get drowned in claim and counter claim about who is best suited to lead us out of the crisis we find ourselves in, I thought I might just remind people why I, as a humble one-man-band contractor, dislike this government quite so much.

Firstly, the iniquitous IR35. Brought in by someone who refused to pay a legally imposed tax to address a problem that didn’t exist and so badly framed only a court could decide if it applied to you or not. So you buy insurances and pay for contract reviews and live in uncertainty, or you go use an umbrella and pay a load of taxes you almost certainly don’t actually owe. Meant to bring in £400m a year, it actually generates around £1.5m. Brilliant work chaps.

Then they killed off MSCs. Not a thing that bothered me, to be honest, but I know of people who were trading perfectly correctly through them who had to shift to a different model.

Then we had the Arctic case, trying to apply the clearly defined S660a legislation to a situation it was never meant to cover and which, in fact, was positively endorsed in the House (by a Tory chancellor as it happens…).

Then when they lost that one they immediately produced the fully-formed Family Business Tax (or Income Splitting, as they termed it). That has never actually gone away, but at least the lobbyists were able to demonstrate just how poorly thought out and generally unworkably ridiculous the whole idea was. So that never saw the light of day, thank God and the PCG. The latest one is the Agency Workers Directive, another piece of EU-inspired nonsense that has a genuine purpose at heart but once again is so badly enacted you still won’t know for certain if it applies to you.

And underpinning that catalogue on ineptitude is the constant failure to distinguish between avoidance and evasion (hint: only one of them is illegal, Gordon), the joyous embracing of selling our IT industry abroad by failing to manage the abuse of the ICT system, the wholly unacceptable retrospective change behind BN66 and a raft of smaller but equally rubbish rules and regulations that blight your working life.

So all in all, I hope never again to hear a dour Scots voice telling me all this grief is in the interests of fairness. It isn’t, it’s in the interests of a discredited socialist agenda that’s wrecked the country and cost me a lot of money for no benefit whatsoever.

So farewell, New Labour. Whoever or whatever replaces you, at least the only possible direction is upwards.

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