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Beaten to it!

Beaten to it!

I suppose I should also be writing about the PCG’s announcement of the Tory’s proposal for an Office of Tax Sensibilisation, or whatever it’s going to be called, and the fighting chance that we will eventually get rid of the dead hand of IR35. But since a few thousand people have already done that one, I’ll have to think of something else…

Of course this is all a bit dependent on two things; that the Tories win the next election and that they keep their promises. It is perhaps a measure of the low opinion we now have of most MPs that this latter is even a consideration. Having read the letter from the Tories to the PCG, even if they don’t stop IR35 they are certainly making all the right noises about actually supporting small businesses. As opposed to saying you will then bringing in IR35 and re-interpreting S660a and threatening the Family Business Tax.
And following last week’s changes to the ICT rules, this is further vindication of the PCG’s growing stature and maturity. Long may it continue!

Back in the land of the client, we’ve been having fun and games with Procurement again. The rules are perfectly clear, I have to agree. Clear, that is, until you try and apply them to the real world. Then it all goes a bit strange. I can see why you should get comparative quotes for things, but if there’s only one approved supplier anyway, how does that help? Seems I need to fill out a non-competition form to explain why there’s only one supplier. Reason I gave was that it was their invention we were trying to buy and they haven’t let anybody else at it yet. Wonder if that will work.

And then we had a slight organisational hiccup, when we ran out of 40 time-based licences and some key users – like the CEO, for example – couldn’t access a major system. No problem with quotes there, it’s a straight replacement. So I rang the supplier, called in a few favours and asked if they could possible take 3 weeks 6 days of the four week delivery time. “No problem”, they said, “Get me an order”. Great. So rushed through the PO raising process – another labyrinth – got it approved and that was it. Next morning, a message from the supplier; the order didn’t turn up which means we lose at least a day on delivery. So what happened, I asked Procurement “Takes two days to process an order, I’m afraid”….

Just before I told them what I thought of their system, I had the wit to ask for the order number, which they gave me – probably by mistake, of course. So the order is back on track and disaster averted.

So never mind the Tories simplifying tax. Some people’s business processes need a good seeing to first.

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