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Well you have to say that was an interesting decade…

Well you have to say that was an interesting decade…

In 2000 people said (and keep on saying) that the Millennium bug was a myth and we just wasted £4.5bn fixing something that didn’t happen. Well OK, but if we hadn’t spent the £4.5bn they would still be recovering from the damage.

Then we had two years of absolutely no work, partly because everyone had upgraded in time for the non-existent millennium bug, and partly because the DotCom bubble had burst.

Then we had five years of steady growth, until some smart alec worked out that using non-EU coders was cheaper (they weren’t then and aren’t now, but heigh ho) and the bottom end work disappeared in a welter of Tier 2 visas. So we got the Tier2 visa issue sorted out and all of a sudden we get 30,000 ICTs coming into the country instead of the usual 4000 or so. Then the banks let go and there was no work for anyone.

Bring on the 2010s, says, I. They could hardly be worse than the noughties.

Anyway, enough with the nostalgia (which isn’t what it used to be, you know). This blog is about the world as it is today. It’s not going to be too heavy, it will try to comment on the week gone by in a mocking but kind of informative way, or it will poke gentle fun at my clients if doing so raises an interesting point or two.

I’m an IT guy by trade, a retired geek who saw the light and moved into interim management. I’ve been around a while, I’ve worked for some interesting (and some deadly boring) clients and have been a freelance for 15 years, well before the nonsense of IR35 and the all-out war on the contractor community. So I hope I have something interesting to say.

So right now we are at the start of an interesting year. Forgetting the election (for now, at least!) nobody has done any serious development work for nearly two years now. Assuming UK PLC has any money left to spend, there just has to be new work coming along the pipeline. Fingers crossed, everyone…

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